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The Preston corridor will be a vibrant, complete street that is safe, comfortable, and accessible for everyone traveling along the corridor. As an equitable economic hub, the Preston corridor will strengthen local businesses, enhance climate resiliency, and support the diverse communities who rely on it daily.

About the Preston Corridor

Extending 11 miles between downtown Louisville and the Jefferson County line, the Preston corridor connects many neighborhoods and people to jobs, shopping, entertainment, and key service and education centers including Louisville’s hospital district and the University of Louisville. But this key corridor is made of disjointed parts and travelling along it can be challenging.


Through this project, we are working with the Preston community to re-envision the corridor and develop a plan to guide future growth and redevelopment. We are also looking at how best to improve travel for all transportation modes, no matter if you’re in a car, on a bus, on a bike or on foot.

Join us as we work together to create a new vision for this important Louisville connector.

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